It's been a while since our last update. As you all might know I'm working as a Film Director ( . The band is always been a second passion and sometimes it can be a struggle to find the right balance.
The live version of I, The Phoenix is on hiatus right now BUT that doesn't mean we won't release any music anymore. So stick around and you might be surprised.

For all of you who followed us through the release of our first album, we wanted to give you all a little easter egg completely free : a remix album

It's been a while now that I reached out for those talented artists to do a remix for us : Skyence / Ucture / Combustion / Michael Fakesch / Bishop Dust / Hecq / BaBy Kruger / VS//YOUTHCLUB + @Chris Didlick

We were planning to release our debut album on vinyl with a remix album. Unfortunately we didn't receive any funding to make this happen. So we've decided to release it digitally.

We would like to thank all those great artists who contributed on this album and apologize for this late release. I hope you'll all like those remixes and share them around.